domenica 14 febbraio 2010

XC, Enduro or Downhill in Thredbo?

Rhys dropped us a few words about his last race in Thredbo, Australian National Downhill Series, where it was a mix of XC, Enduro and Downhill. Until we get more information from Rhys, read what he said:

Hi All,

Well no lightning, but it did rail all day, and the race was on. They allowed everyone one practice run, on a drastically different course. New lines formed everywhere, ruts were deep, holes were deeper, visibility not so good, pedaling slow and tiring. They had over 50 mils of rain over the last 3 days, and this made everything nice and muddy.

My race run wasn't good. I'd be at full speed and hit a patch of mud and I seemed to nearly come to a stop. It was like I just wasn't heavy enough to plough through the mud. So I ended up with 2 small offs and and finishing up in 12th place. Not Happy!!!

I just couldn't get excited about racing on this track. I can't wait to get overseas to race real downhill tracks. These flat tracks we are racing on aren't exciting to race.

I'm now looking forward to racing in New Zealand in March. It will be good to be back on a really exciting and technical track.


Here are the top 12 results:

1 72 Ben Cory 7:19.21 7:15.66
2 8 Bryn Atkinson 7:50.06 7:18.79
3 15 Shaun O'Connor 7:24.88 7:21.84
4 Chris Kovarik 7:08.61 7:23.11
5 1 Amiel Cavalier 7:13.69 7:26.42
6 7 Joshua Button 7:08.30 7:26.52
7 19 Rick Boyer 7:31.49 7:33.96
8 12 William Rischbieth 15:01.47 7:45.21
9 67 Deon Baker 7:45.62 7:47.42
10 16 Rhys Atkinson 7:34.95 7:48.15
11 35 Craig Yates 7:50.56 7:51.93
12 10 Rhys Willemse 7:47.98 7:53.00