martedì 20 gennaio 2009

Brook e Wyn alla prima sulla Tomaso DHP.

Come molti sapranno gia' in New Zealand, ad esattamente 12 ore in avanti rispetto al nostro fuso, godono adesso di un clima decisamente migliore del nostro, e' estate ed e' tempo di gare qua' e la' nell'isola. I nostri "nuovi", in un'atmosfera scanzonata di preparazione alle gare che contano, erano alla loro prima uscita ufficiale sulla Tomaso DHP appena finite di montare (con cui hanno ancora girato veramente poco ), e si sono ritrovati a Rotorua per correre il secondo round del campionato North.

Brook ha terminato in una ottima quinta posizione assoluta con il primato degli under 18 che in NZ se vanno forte rientrano negli elite, meritandosi la foto su NZride, e Wyn in decima, niente male per la prima uscita!

Foto per cortesia di Kai Crow(NZRide)



Ne approfittiamo per pubblicare un articolo che Ox di Rockstar Clothing, decennale sponsor di Wyn, ha scritto di lui sul sito L'articolo su NZRide.

E questo e' il resoconto in inglese della gara. Settimana prossima si corre ancora, a Levin, per la terza di campionato. Rimanete sintonizzati!

Il resoconto della gara su NZRide ed il racconto che abbiamo ricevuto da Wyn oggi.

Wyn's Race Report rd2

We were back Rotorua again for Round Two of the North Island Series. This time we were greeted by great summer weather and a Fast dry and dusty course, unlike the mud we had at the First round. Myself and Ancillotti team mate Brook McDonald kicked the Weekend off with a XC ride in the Redwoods forest on some of the awesome single tracks they have in there a must see for all if you are ever in NZ.

The next day was practice day and the course was a little different to that of the first round it was a bit more steeper and had some great loose off camber sections. It was a great testing ground for the new bikes, myself and Brook were highly impressed at how they performed on our first ride on them I think i was loving it too much as i managed to do 13 practice runs maybe not the best preparation for the race the next day but I was having fun so thats what matters. The track got pretty rough by the end of the day and was very hard on the body.

The next day was race day, and we awoke to perfectly clear skys another NZ summers day. I did 3 practice runs in the morning and was pretty happy with how i was riding although still a bit sore from all the riding the day before. There was Probably 200 riders and all were looking fast its awesome to see such a great depth of talent in the NZ Downhill scene especially juniors.

There were also 3 Scottish Import riders, Ben Cathro, Joe Barnes, and Gary Forrest they were riding really well there few weeks staying in Rotorua was looking to be paying off. Yeti/Fox team rider Sam Blenkinsop also made an appearance at this event so the level of competition was very high.

Come to race runs I rode pretty well but not how I would have wanted as I was still a bit tired from the previous days riding but i was just stoked to be out riding the new bike and had a great day all the same. I ended up 10th in Elite, But the talk of the day was about my team mate Brook McDonald with his 5th Place in the Elite Mens and excellent first outing for him there will be much more to come. from there on up the podium it was a Scottish Whitewash with Garry Forrest 4th, Joe Barnes 3rd, and even Sam Blenkinsop couldnt hold off Big Ben Cathro for the win by 3 seconds.

After the race my coach scored us free tickets to watch the First round of the NZ Supercross Champs it was awesome to watch and a great way to finish off the weekend. This weekend we have the 3rd Round in Levin which should be awesome il have a report to come later.

Wyn Masters

P.s Thanks to Tomaso and the Boys at Ancillotti Cycles, and Ox at Rockstar Racing.