sabato 13 febbraio 2010

Rhys Willemse's Report - Australian National series

Rhys stated a few words about his seeding run in Thredbo. Check it out.

Hi All,

I'm here at Thredbo about to take on Australia's best in the final tomorrow.

All I can say is "IT'S WET WET WET". We've had so much rain over the last 3 days that the track is just a mush pit. There are rumors that they might call off the race if it continues to rain like this overnight. I am not enjoying riding in the mud. I usually love racing in the rain but this is hard work on a 8 min track. I've been really working hard on my fitness lately, and I would say that my fitness is really good right now, but its a real struggle when your trying to pedal through so much mud.

I also broke my clip in pedal today, so I raced the qualifying run with flats. I managed to borrow a pedal for the finals tomorrow from Troy Brosnan. Thanks Troy!

So tonight I'll have a good sleep and wake up ready to lift my game for the finals. I qualified 9th but I had a small crash after making a silly mistake down the bottom of the track. To make things worse, I had to then push the bike uphill and roll to the finishing line. So as you can see from the qualifying top ten, my time wasn't real good.

Bring on Tomorrow!!!

Here are the top ten results:

Downhill, Thredbo
Elite Male
1 7 Joshua Button 7:08.30
2 4 Chris Kovarik 7:08.61
3 1 Amiel Cavalier 7:13.69
4 72 Ben Cory 7:19.21
5 15 Shaun O'Connor 7:24.88
6 19 Rick Boyer 7:31.49
7 16 Rhys Atkinson 7:34.95
8 67 Deon Baker 7:45.62
9 10 Rhys Willemse 7:47.98
10 8 Bryn Atkinson 7:50.06

Seeding run results

In breve Rhys ci dice che la pista di Thredbo, che sappiamo gia' molto lunga sull'asciutto, con il bagnato ed in particolare il fango dopo ben 3 giorni di pioggia e' al limite del praticabile. Gli organizzatori potrebbero sospendere la gara se continua a piovere in questo modo anche questa notte.
Per parlare della gara di Rhys , un incoveniente al pedale lo ha costretto a correre con i flat, condizione per nulla gradita al nostro pilota ed una caduta hanno ulteriormente peggiorato il tempo.
Vedremo domani.

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