giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Rd 3 NZ Series - George Brannigan's Report

Here a few words from George, 17 years old. As junior he is competing in the Elite category in the NZ national series, so we are really happy about his last result, which was 4th overall in the last race held in Nelson.

"The track conditions werent ideal on practice day. The track is rock the whole way down and it was wet so it wasnt too easy to ride.
By race day the sun was out and the track was drying really quick.
My seeding run was good and I stuck to my lines; another 3rd in seeding was a surprise to me but I gained some confidence after not feeling like this was my track.
By race run the track was almost completely dry and the deralior eating ruts were blowen out by now. It was kind of like a moto track at the bottom half of the course. I hit all my lines again but got pretty loose on the blown out sections, still to put down a solid run. I ended up in fourth so all in all it was a good race for me and I have already achieved my goal of the series which is to get on the podium for elite."