domenica 17 gennaio 2010

Un po' di sfortuna

Sul fronte australiano Rhys ci scrive
Hi Tomaso,

My final today didn't go as planned. I didn't had a good run and struggled with the soft gravel at the bottom of the track. Sam Hill crashed in the same area and I was lucky to hang on, but it took away alot of my speed.

Even though I didn't get a top 5 result, I am happy with finishing 7th. It's been a hard road back after breaking my femur 3 months ago, and have only been riding for 2 weeks. So I know that I'm only going to improve between now and the first world cup.

It feels so good to be riding my Ancillotti and can't wait till the next race.

Here are the results:

Elite men – downhill
1. Chris Kovarik 1:56.03
2. Shaun O’Connor 1:57.52
3. Joshua Button 1:57.58
4. Kaine Cannan 1:58.50
5. Sam Hill 1:59.25
6. Amiel Cavalier 1:59.65
7. Rhys Willemse 1:59.82
8. Mitchell Delfs 2:00.07
9. Rhys Atkinson 2:00.40
10. William Rischbieth 2:00.51

Non abbiamo ancora notizie da George ma anche lui deve aver combinato qualcosa è arrivato in forte ritardo,
vi daremo notizia appena si metterà in contatto con noi
Speriamo che non si sia fatto nulla e ci rifaremo alla prossima,il rock garden infatti ha fatto diverse vittime tra cui Blenky ,che purtroppo si è rotto il polso sinistro.